This brand new book really is "The Truth You've Never Thought About!"

If Obama Had a Son is an inspirational, nonfiction book written from the perspective of an intuitive nineteen-year-old college student. The title of the book was inspired by a riddle: What is the one thing the most powerful man in the world wishes he had; but if he had, he would have never been the most powerful man in the world? The book makes a strong implication about America’s feelings toward its sons. It also raises thoughts and questions concerning the value of procreation as it relates to the advancing of society. It attempts to examine the significance of sonship in its most general sense using a historical/political apparatus, and it includes the author’s perspective on some of the most recent disturbing social events in our nation. This book further reveals and mentions amazing historical facts about some of our nation’s lost sons and lost legacies that were in many cases removed from becoming possible political threats. It also reveals character flaws in some questionable practices of our nation, which are birthed through fear, hatred, and greed.

Overall, this book is a discussion that deals with the survival of sons and the embracing of daughters. It highlights the power and responsibility of succession, while illuminating the burden, accountability, and fear attached to legacy. It examines the imbalances of justice and the disenfranchisement of a people. It advocates the respect of all mankind and the love for humanity. It encourages family values and the strengthening of America’s youth. It’s about loving our neighbors by respecting their differences. This book anticipates the rise of coming generations by highlighting the importance of a family legacy that is characterized by a reputable family name. If Obama Had a Son is a must read for both youth and adults who have the nerve to experience some of The Truth You’ve Never Thought About.