This brand new book really is "The Truth You've Never Thought About!"

If Obama Had a Son is an inspirational, nonfiction book written from the perspective of an intuitive nineteen-year-old college student. The title of the book was inspired by a riddle: What is the one thing the most powerful man in the world wishes he had; but if he had, he would have never been the most powerful man in the world? The book makes a strong implication about America’s feelings toward its sons.


People of all walks of life are asking, “Where can we find this new book?” We want to give you an opportunity to partner with us in sharing this wonderful read. It’s about time we get some positive info from our youthful generations.

The author, Brandon B. Porter II from Memphis, Tennessee, is a 19-year-old second year Morehouse College student who felt compelled to write from observation and inspiration. Brandon's amazing writing skills and perspective will make it hard for you to put this book down. The book is strategically filled with surprising facts and history about America and how it feels about legacy.

If Obama Had a Son is great for adults, youth, groups, and educational institutions! It is both entertaining and thought provoking. As many have said, "It’s a breath of fresh air!"